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Singles Bars in Austin

The Singles Bars in Austin Worth Paying a Visit

Native Hostel

Native Hostel is a firm favorite with men and women looking for new singles in Austin, where the drinks prices are kind on your bank account. Found within the limestone walls, you’ll have no trouble accessing on-demand drinks and food. This place is the culmination of the best things the city has to offer, where music, arts, great food, and intoxicating spirits are the primary attraction of revelers. With such a diverse group of people in attendance, it’s easy to find attractive partners here regardless of your taste in new dates. People tend to head out in the evenings for the best chance of meeting like-minded singles searching for locals with lots in common. Diverse event planners give you plenty of choices on when you’d like to visit based on who you’re looking to date. Events range right from DJ nights to clairvoyant sessions.

Located at 807 East 4th Street

Nickel City

Once the weekend sets in, this immersive cocktail bar is the focal point of singles action in the whole of Austin. Nickel City is one of the most action-packed bars you’re likely to visit, where men and women can be found in huge numbers looking to chat with like-minded singles dating in Austin. Once you’ve sampled a couple of drinks, finding new dates is an ever-present possibility. The easy-going, carefree nature of those in attendance yields some pretty flirty conversations between visitors and paves the way for people to find lasting love. Women are more often found indoors enjoying the facilities, and single men are more commonly discovered by Café Delray, a food truck located in the establishment’s parking lot.

Located at 212 South Main Street, Suite 100

Small Victory

This easy to commute to location doubles as a popular singles location where the action never pauses. Conveniently located immediately around the corner of InterContinental hotel, this is one of the best bars in Austin where you don’t need to worry about drinking alone. Most people visit here solo and have some of the best drinking experiences of their lives, only to return time and time to relive the memories. This limited lighting bar has a very cozy interior that attracts a diverse range of different people. Both men and women can usually be found in equal numbers, giving everyone the chance to meet someone new in the local area.

Located at 108 East South Street

Best Ideas for Fun Dates in Austin

The Best Ideas for Fun Dates in Austin With Someone Special


LENOIR is the perfect place to visit for a great romantic date night with your only one. Upon arrival, you’ll quickly begin to fall in love with everything available here and the way things are run. This beautifully decorated location is one of the most romantic places to visit in the entirety of Texas, never mind Austin. As this place achieved many great reviews and positivity online, it’s easy to find things to like here. However, for a full understanding of the brilliance of the place, one simply has to visit themselves. The intimately lit restaurant boasts excellent cuisine, primarily from the Mediterranean, and has something to offer even the pickiest of eaters. Diners prefer to visit all day-round, but true romance is only found here in the evenings – late at night.

Miraval Austin

Miraval offers new couples the perfect reason to book a trip away together. Miraval is a well-designed wellness resort that prioritizes seclusion, intimacy, and romantic connections. People visit here in huge numbers over the year, seemingly everyone never getting enough of the available one-of-a-kind treatments. You can always venture out and enjoy some hiking and outdoor dining while overlooking Lake Travis for a change of visuals and activity. If this doesn’t float your boat, why not hit up the spa and truly relax in the comfort of your favorite person? Slots here are in huge demand, so it is essential to pre-book your trip.

Still Austin Whiskey

Still Austin Whiskey has been a favorite since it was first open, allowing people to come and sample a huge array of different homemade alcoholic drinks fresh from the distillery. This homegrown grain to grass facility is the perfect escape for a date. Tours are available where you and your partner are shown around the location, trying out the best they have to offer. Predominantly, the main place for drinks activity is the very spacious, massive patio where on-site food trucks are responsible for calming hungry stomachs after a couple of drinks. If you love alcohol and food, there’s no date experience like it for improving your dating in Austin.