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Great Singles Bar in Charlotte

Why Not Visit a Great Singles Bar in Charlotte?

Single Barrel Room

The Single Barrel Room is a popular hangout of many Charlotte singles looking to make adult acquaintances. With vast opening hours, you’re given flexibility regarding the time you make the trip out to see what this fun singles bar has to offer. The classy speakeasy vibe and drinks created with love and care are the main attractions, but men and women are always deep in conversations with strangers. The atmosphere is friendly, pleasant and paves the way for many local people to find like-minded dating interests. Customer feedback is taken into consideration when developing upgrades for customers. Currently, a vegan food menu is being drawn up for use.

Located at 1221 The Plaza

Prohibition Bar

For a different type of singles vibe, Prohibition Bar is a popular place with both individuals looking for new dates and smaller groups of men and women looking to have a good time under the lights. If you’re searching for a club-style night out at bar drinks prices, it’s hard to overlook a visit. Most people are open to harmless flirts, and the outdoor patio is a great place to start chatting with someone new. The inner of the premises is cozy and warm, with the bartenders delivering an efficient drinks service. For those people getting peckish after a couple of drinks, on-site food is crafted in the kitchen. Doors open early, and the singles action runs deep into the night.

Located within Hearst Tower

Tilt On Trade

Tilt On Trade is one of Charlotte’s favorite singles bars, with all community members welcomed with open arms. From straight singles to LGBTQ, everyone is treated with respect and is offered an opportunity to meet like-minded local people with similar interests. This place undeniably becomes more action-packed in the evenings, but people can be found enjoying the service and facilities most of the day from 4 pm. This lively gathering spot doubles as the perfect for cocktails and offers live sports on TV most nights, an array of arcade games to play with new love interests, and an outdoor patio perfect for some intimately quiet conversation.

Located at 127 West Trade Street

First Date Ideas in Charlotte

Check Out These First Date Ideas in Charlotte, NC

Stroke Mini-Golf

Stroke is the perfect place to visit with your chosen partner on a first date, doubling as a great place to sample some low-priced cocktails brewed right in front of your eyes. The vibrant cocktail lounge setting creates an intimate atmosphere sure to get you both in the mood to build your connection and discover a spark. What better way to make sure they’re right for you than here, while surrounded by lots of people so you can be sure your safety isn’t an issue. While prices on drinks are so low, you can afford to spend more, allowing your first date to continue from start to without a hitch. All this while enjoying friendly competition with somebody smokin’ hot.

Located at 1318 Pecan Avenue

Pins Mechanical

Offering everyone the chance to taste a true sample of downtown Charlotte, Pins Mechanical is a popular choice for first dates in the city and attracts regulars and new visitors alike. When you arrive, you’re fully immersed in a busy bowling alley with the world to offer. People love the cheap games of bowling and the wide range of free arcade games. All games except Pinball are free here. Cocktails and a wide choice of craft beers are available on tap, and food can be purchased from a couple of food trucks at the front of the premises giving you plenty to see and do to enjoy a great first date in Buffalo.

Located at 307 West Tremont Avenue

The Cotton Room

The Cotton Room creates the perfect Southern-style atmosphere for any memorable first date worthy of its salt. Once you make the trip to this modern speakeasy, you’ll immediately fall in love with the wide range of different drinks available. Most people love the quiet atmosphere available here, perfect for letting the conversation flow and offering incredible value for money. Visiting here isn’t a place you come to buy cocktails and beer. This is a whole experience of its own. From the moment you walk the door, you’re treated like royalty by caring, knowledgeable staff and can enjoy a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime experience, available to be re-enjoyed time and time again at your discretion.

Located in Belfast Mill Irish Pub