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Las Vegas Singles Bars

Las Vegas Singles Bars Are Great Places to Meet New People

The Griffin

The Griffin is a very active singles bar with both men and women making the trip nightly, particularly on weekends when live DJs can be found spinning the decks to the adoring crowd from in front. The premises feature a huge stone-faced bar with impeccable fireplaces, an intricate vibe, and a wide range of alcoholic drinks are served from open until close. When live DJs aren’t rocking the socks off the regulars, the jukebox is a favorite and has the old-school tracks you associate with Vegas and the wider USA. Passions between locals run deep, people are always up for a chat, and there’s always something new to enjoy after arriving on the premises.

Velveteen Rabbit

This sibling-operated haunt offers homemade craft cocktails at unbelievably good prices that has Las Vegas singles looking for new partners often returning for an immersive experience time and time again. Live music events are commonplace here and attract a diverse group of local people and those further away. This upbeat establishment has been the meeting place of thousands of singles over the years and offers great service all around. Many people use Velveteen Rabbit as a stop-off destination on bar crawls around Vegas, and it is a must-visit bar for singles in your search for like-minded Vegas natives.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

If you’re looking for an upscale, cozy, easy to get to location in the heart of the city, look no further than Frankie’s Tiki Room, one of the most populated singles bars despite its small size. The owners of this tiki bar leave no decorations spared, putting their all into making the tiki room look its best. Most drinks are fruit-based rum drinks, keeping in tradition with the theme. With both food and drink available in one convenient location, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here, not to mention the crazy vibes and atmosphere! Those you usually find here are down-to-earth, easy-going, and love to engage in conversations where everyone gets a chance to speak. Despite who you chat to about this place, it’s hard to hear a bad word spoken, leading to most people returning.

First Date Ideas in Las Vegas

First Date Ideas in Las Vegas Worth Reading About

Visit The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a great selection for a memorable first date in Las Vegas available to be enjoyed both day and night according to your preferences. Unmistakably more romantic in the evenings, the museum is dedicated to the once-popular neon signs that lit up the Las Vegas night skies. This quirky first-date destination offers people the chance to relax together where stimulating conversations are commonplace. Admission fees here are low, and you can enjoy a full day of adventure and sightseeing for lower costs than most road trips. Overall, Neon Museum isn’t overly busy and provides a unique location to enjoy getting to know somebody new 1-1 while still safe enough in the company of other people and cameras.

Go Try Your Luck at a Casino

It’s no secret that visiting a casino has the potential to make or break a first date, particularly if you’re staking big to win big. However, if you and your date decide only to gamble what you can afford to lose, the stakes are never high enough to cause a problem. We recommend a trip to Las Vegas’s favorite gambling establishment, The Bellagio. Often recognized as the best casino in the city, you can be sure that your visit here for a first date isn’t one you’ll forget anytime soon, whether you manage to beat the house and come away with a nice profit or not.

Visit Aria Hotel Spa

Although the best spa resorts in Las Vegas have separate men’s and women’s areas, Aria is different. Opposing genders have the option to chill together if chosen, making this the best choice spa for a first date together. Treatments here are wide-ranging and include some unmatchable relaxation, but prices aren’t low for the premium services enjoyed. Aria is an especially great destination for treatment in Winter when temperatures outside fall and other pools begin to shut their doors. The location stays open, and the temperatures inside stay true. More so than in summer, this popular location is even more in-demand, with people seeking a quick local break. Pre-booking your visit is essential not to miss out.