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Our San Diego Chat Rooms Are Full of Action

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Finding someone perfect online can take time, but now you’re with us on MeetSweetheart, you can watch your dating struggles evaporate, being swiftly replaced by great dates in the city. Stuck for ideas on where to go for a first date? We’ve got you covered!

Date Ideas in San Diego

The Date Ideas in San Diego You Need to Pay Attention To

Once you’ve met someone worth your time, you need to decide where to enjoy a date together. Here are some great ideas on where to spend your time with your new love interest. Our selections are all cost-effective, so you can use your money in better ways. Maybe a gift for your new partner on your excursion? The choice is yours!

Visit Seaport Village

Seaport Village attracts both locals and tourists alike looking for a piece of the fun. Ideally, location near the waterfront promenade, fantastic views are there to be enjoyed. Better still, ice cream is available to devour while you get ready for the grand finale. You’re able to fly kites with your date in the beautiful scenic park. As the months roll by, a blanket is recommended to keep warm while showcasing your skills with a kite, or you can sit back, relax and watch others perform amazing trickery 30 meters up. Overall, people visit Seaport Village and are rarely disappointed with the day out.

Picnic Afternoon at Sunset Cliffs

Who doesn’t love a great day out at Sunset Cliffs? Pack some food, take a blanket and hamper and you’ve got everything you need (your date included). This low-cost activity is a great way to get to know your new partner. Nothing beats stunning views of the ocean while you relax in style. The pacific is mesmerizing on a slightly windy afternoon. If you’re not a fan of taking your own food, businesses on site are there to help. Hampers are crafted according to your tastes. This isn’t one you want to miss!

A Trip to Belmont Park

Belmont Park is one of the main attractions for tourists visiting San Diego who don’t want to experience thrills that get the adrenaline pumping. There’s nothing like shared fears to help you connect with a date. The main rollercoaster (the great dipper) overlooks the ocean giving you a great visual while snacking on various treats, mainly cotton candy. Experience all the excitement the park has to offer before settling down for some food on-site. Admission costs are low, and you can ride all day long!