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Meet Single Women in San Francisco Online

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San Francisco Singles Bars

Visit These San Francisco Singles Bars to Meet New Dates

Singles bars in San Diego worth their salt can be hard to find, especially if you’re new to the city. Here are the top 3 singles bars to check out, filled with men and women looking for dates.

Aero Club Bar

This popular local watering hole is one of the best places to find singles in San Diego of all ages. From 2 pm onwards a wide range of people make their way to the premises both old and young. Whether you’re into day-drinking or night, you have all the time in the world to make the trip over. The main attractions are the huge whiskey selections, pool tables, and the pinball machine. Drinks are cheap, crowds are friendly, and the atmosphere is electric. Masks may be required upon entry.

Located at 3365 India Street, CA 92103

The Silver Fox Lounge

If you want a change of pace, this vibrant bar is the place to be on weekends. During the week, the atmosphere is more casual. When you arrive, you’re greeted with beautiful vintage decoration super friendly staff, the owner, Julie, even works behind the bar, the locals are always served professionally. This place is always full of singles looking for partners and offering a free pool on weekends. Happy hour starts at 6 pm, so it’s best to head out early. Once the drinks are flowing, people are usually more open to conversations. Crowds stay until closing time, so you’ve plenty of time to get your groove on and meet people interested in dating.

Located at 1833 Garnet Avenue, CA 92109

Altitude Sky Lounge

To come here searching for singles, you’ve got to make an effort. Altitude Sky Lounge is a very posh place to search for dates. This swanky club above the Gaslamp Marriot offers great views of Petco Park while you’re chatting with like-minded singles. This is one of the best singles bars in San Diego. The exciting rooftop bar/club provides 10/10 customer service. Also, Altitude is the number one place to watch Padres games, or you can switch it up and enjoy the ballpark. Everyone here is always chatting, happy, and looking to meet other singles. We highly recommend giving it a go!

Located at 660 K Street, CA 92101

Date Night Ideas In San Francisco

Date Night Ideas In San Francisco Lead to Great Memories

Planning the perfect date night here can be difficult. Fortunately for you, we know exactly where to go! Here are the best date night ideas in San Francisco!

Enjoy a Comedy Show

San Francisco offers many different comedies shows most nights of the week. However, we’ve got a clear favorite. The Punch Line has comedians with unique styles. Often most performers are up-and-coming comedians with serious potential. Every time we visit, we’re in hysterics. What better way to break the ice and get comfortable with a new date than laughing together until your stomach hurts? Open 6 nights a week, every week, you’ve got plenty of chances to make your move. Alternatively, Kung Pao Kosher Comedy is also a good choice. We’ve had a few laughs there, too, and low admissions costs. Crowds in both locations are usually full to the rafters.

Have a Sip and Paint Night With Beyond Canvas

Whether you want to book a private event for you and your date or you’re looking to go to a public session, Beyond Canvas can tailor it to your individual needs. When you arrive, you’re there to paint wonderful pictures and get a little tipsy. Regardless of your skill level, this group of experts will transform your creations. Enjoy going from novice to pro with their expert guidance and create masterpieces with your date. If painting and drinking don’t sound appealing, yoga and a wide range of other classes are available with professional instructors. A percentage of your admission fee is donated to charity. Figures online are unclear. Ask upon arrival.

Take a Trip to Watch Performing Arts Live

Whether you’re into modern dancing or old-school moves, San Francisco has a huge range of different places to suit your tastes. For an all-around experience, the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is the best choice. This theater offers a variety of performances throughout the evening and night, from ballet to opera. They have it all! For a change of selection, Boxcar Theatre showcases the realms of experimental dance. People here are fun and energetic, the atmosphere amongst the crowd is fantastic, and you and your new date are sure to have a brilliant night out together.